Ammie, Come Home

About The Book:
Written by Barbara Michaels Series Georgetown Published Year 1968
It begins as a lark -- a harmless diversion initiated by Washington, D.C., hostess Ruth Bennett as a means of entertaining her visiting niece, Sara. But the séance conducted in Ruth's elegant Georgetown home calls something back; something unwelcome ... and palpably evil. Suddenly Sara is speaking in a voice not her own, transformed into a miserable, whimpering creature so unlike her normal, sensible self. No tricks or talismans will dispel the malevolence that now plagues the inhabitants of this haunted place -- until a dark history of treachery, lust, and violence is exposed. But the cost might well be the sanity and the lives of the living.

I remember being really scared after reading the condensed version of this book, I was probably 13 then. Reading the full version now, I realized it wasn't scary at all but it's very insightful. I still like it though it's somewhat different from what i remember. It is very well written and engrossing to read.