Mister Monday

About The Book:
Written by Garth Nix Series Keys to the Kingdom Published Year 2003
Details the adventure of a schoolboy, Arthur Penhaligon, who, during an asthma attack is entrusted with a key by Mister Monday, a strange man from a place called the House (or the Epicenter of the Universe). The key, in the shape of a clock minute hand, is passed to Arthur on the supposition that he is about to die and the key will be returned to the original owner, ensuring his ownership of it and therefore fulfilling his part of the Will, an ancient part of text that had been broken by the seven Trustees of the Architect, the creator of the universe.. However, he survives, now in possession of both the key and a strange notebook known as the Compleat Atlas, and soon is being hounded by Monday's henchmen, Nithlings, who are beasts of Nothing that reside in the House. these Nithlings, who are also called Fetchers, inadvertently bring a plague of some sort to Arthur's home town. Arthur escapes the quarantine of his town with the help of the Will, who is a tangible creature of type, and sets off into a mysterious House, which has appeared his town, with a desperate need so solve all of the problems which had befouled his recent life.

I was looking for Harry Potter ripoffs when I saw this, from the cover you'd think it is indeed an HPripoff. Upon reading you would see some similarities but I guess Garth Nix is more imaginative because of the characters that he created, he's a storyteller as well. It's quite bizarre and i love it! I'd always have a penchant for constructing an image from a book that I'm reading and it's perfect for this one.