The Book of One Hundred Truths

About The Book:
Written by Julie Schumacher Published Year 2006
It's hard for Thea to write four truths a day in the notebook her mother gave her for the summer. Especially when her grandparents' house on the Jersey Shore is even more packed with family than usual, and her cousin Jocelyn wont leave her alone. Jocelyn just might be the world's neatest and nosiest seven-year-old, and she wants to know what's in Thea's notebook. But Thea won't tell anyone about the secret she has promised to keep--or how she lost her best friend (Truth #12), whose name was Gwen.
Now Thea has to babysit in the afternoons, and all Jocelyn wants to do is spy on people. Neither of them expect to see Aunt Ellen and Aunt Celia at the boardwalk in the middle of the day, or for their aunts to lie and insist they were at work. Could it be Thea's not the only one in the family keeping secrets this summer?
"I dont think I'm going to have kids when I get older," I said. "I probably won't get married, either. I'm probabbly just going to live by myself." We walked up the stairs. "I mean, some people probably like having big families, and they like having friends. I just want to be by myself and be norma." I realized that I wasn't making alot of sense, but I couldn't stop talking. "The problem with our family is that it's probably impossiblr to grow up to be normal. I mean most people don't alphabetize the groceries"-- I had seen Phoebe do this-- "or play games at dinner. And what about Ralph? What if Ralph doesn't want to br a Creature of Habit? What if he just want to be regular person?

It's a really nice book for kids to read, intresting characters, good storyline even though it was short the writer was able to provide a vivid description of what the charcters are feeling even the unveiling of Thea's secret was suspenseful.


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This one sounds quite interesting. :)

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