Real Murders

About The Book:
Written by Charlaine Harris Series Aurora Teagarden Published Year 1989
Someone is killing the crime buffs of the Real Murders Society in Lawrenceton, Georgia. A librarian, Aurora Teagarden, sets out to catch the brutal murderer after fellow club members end up as victims. The uncanny resemblances to famous crimes challenge Roe and her two admirers, policeman Arthur Smith and mystery writer Robin Crusoe, to pursue the criminal. The lighthearted, witty handling of characters contrasts with the heightening suspense as Aurora seeks clues by searching past mysteries for the killer's identity--until she is caught in the sadistic web of terror herself.

There are alot of characters, that doesn't go well with me because I lose track of them. It was a nice quick mystery read, abit gruesome and when the real murderers were unveiled it's quite unbelievable; it portrays how twisted some people can be. I love the Charlaine Harris, and am planning to read her other series as well.