Something Borrowed

About The Book:
Written by Emily Giffin Published Year 2004
Rachel White and Darcy Rhone have been best friends since childhood. They've shared birthdays, the horrors of high school and even boyfriends, but while Darcy is the sort of woman who breezes through life getting what she wants when she wants it, Rachel has always played by the rules and watched her stunning best friend steal all the limelight. The one thing Rachel's always had over Darcy is the four-month age gap which meant she was first to being a teenager, first to drive, first to everything ...but now she's about to be first to thirty. And Darcy still has a charmed life. On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, Rachel is shocked to find herself questioning the status quo. How come Darcy gets a glamorous job at a PR firm and the perfect boyfriend, while Rachel grinds away at her despised job as an attorney and remains painfully single. Is it just luck? Or, looking back at their friendship and their lives together, is it a bit more complicated than that? Then an accidental fling complicates everything, and it's time for Rachel to make a few hard choices. And she's suddenly forced to learn that sometimes true love comes at a price.

This is a novelty for me because Rachel is a very unlikely protagonist, she's very passive, indecisive, whinny and dishonest. I don't even think morality should even be in question here -- its fiction. Proven by the fact of how unlikely this would happen in real life, if Rachel really likes Dex why didn't she do something about it and why would she stay friends with Darcy after all those time if she had qualms about the said friendship. How about Dex, how can he stay in a relationship for seven years, proposed marriage and cheat over her fiance, is Darcy so enthralling that they can't let her down? I don't hate it because frankly I've read worst in this genre and will also read Something Blue just to find out how Giffin will go about Darcy's character.


JESSAN said...

I read this book a coupla months ago and I loved it. I badly need to read the sequel real soon.

Kaye said...

Well I hope you don't hate Darcy if you're planning to read Something Blue =)