The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place

About The Book:
Written by EL Konigsburg Published Year 2004
Twelve year old Margaret Rose Kane is incorrigible. Not only does she refuse to bend to the will of her manipulative cabin mates at Camp Talequa, she stands up to and inadvertently insults the camp director and Queen-in-residence, Mrs. Kaplan. The intimidating and cruel confrontations that threaten to break Margaret's spririt only serve to strengthen her resolve, and everyone is happy when Margaret is finally banished/rescued from Camp Talequa. Luckily for her, with her parents in Peru, this means she can spend the rest of the summer with her delightfully eccentric Hungarian great-uncles, Alexander and Morris Rose. Margaret adores her great-uncles, and loves the house at 19 Schuyler Place--especially the three peculiar clock towers (tall painted structures covered in pendants made from broken china, crystal, bottles, jars, and clock parts) that the Rose brothers have been building for as long as she can remember. For Margaret and the Rose brothers, the towers represent beauty for beauty's sake--they sparkle in the sun and sing in the wind--they exist only to spread joy. Not everyone loves the towers however, and forty-five years after the birth of the project, the city council declares the towers "unsafe," and demands that they be dismantled and destroyed. Filled with the same fiery resolve that helped her survive Camp Talequa, Margaret (with the help of a handyman named Jake, a loyal dog named Tartufo, and few other unexpected allies) launches a plan to save the towers in the name of art, history, and beauty.

I was suprised that I really liked the book, it was more suited for younger readers but I think adults will enjoy it as well. Even though the style is simple and realistic it will still capture you're interest especially with concept of art. I love the style of writing, very descriptive I too had fell in love with the tower. The move from present to past is not at all confusing, Konigsburg really made it work. I love the characters; Margaret Rose Kane is very smart and funny, the two eccentric unvles are hilarious aswell and Jake ofcourse is a sweetheart no wonder Margaret Rose had a little crush on him. It also leaves the reader a very good moral lesson about individuality, respect, cooperation and appreciation of art, definitely recommended for children to read.


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