The Principles of Love

About The Book:
Written by Emily Franklin Series Principles of Love Published Year 2005
The "movie version" of Love Bukowski's life is picture perfect. She can roll out of bed and be at class in her new prep school within minutes because she lives in an amazing house on Hadley Hall Campus, where her Dad just happens to be the principal. And though she's just joined the ranks of the nation's future leaders and lushes of America, they've all become her best friends. Gorgeous upperclassmen crowd around her doorstep just to catch a glimpse of her performing her original songs. Life is sweet!
Unfortunately, the not-so-glamorous reality of her life is that her Dad is the principal of the this prototypical New England prep school. Friends are hard to come by, and the only guys who come near her front door are the ones she wants to swat away. Not that there's a shortage of Hadley hotties; it's just that the one Love's singled out is an utterly incredible and totally unattainable senior. Now, Love will have to figure out the true meaning of her name to make her reality as awesome as her fantasies.

It's been on my wish list for a while now, sadly though I doubt I'll be reading the rest as I cannot find them. It's quite a typical story, girl find the love of her love, that one guy, whom she imagined all along and then find out that he wasn't that perfect afterall and the guy on the sidelines is the one for her. It's sweet and I like it when she thinks about the movie version of her life...
PS. I love her aunt's coffee shop!


runa said...

I really dislike how hard it is to find these books :( I've managed to get through the 3rd one, and I just can't find the next book and it's extremely frustrating. I'll have to get it from Amazon someday, but shipping costs are so annoying.