About The Book:
Written by Meg Cabot Published Year 2008
Emerson Watts, 16 and female, loves playing video games, hanging out with her best friend, Christopher, and has made peace with her less-than-supermodel-esque looks. But when she's involved in a mysterious accident, she wakes up to find she's now in the body of...a supermodel. Who was behind this switch? What was the motive? And how can she get Christopher to realize she's still the same person inside?

How apt the tittle is. I didn't really like it as much as I wanted too maybe it's just for a different audience. It's feels like Cabot is doing it halfway, It just doesn't feels right for me, fluffy and scifi doesn't really go together or it might be because she didn't really did a good job on it. The plot seemed loose -- a little background would help instead of taking an easy way out. The plot consists of the girl meeting an accident but survives because of brain transplant. Presto she gets a whole new image in a supermodel's body while conquering teenage insecurities, boy craziness and being a role model to all -- no drinking in bars, definitely no drugs and no illicit love affairs with bestfriends boyfriends. There's a promise of an intresting twist on the second book but please stop with the cliffhangers it sucks enough already.


runa said...

I disliked Airhead as well, but I really liked Being Nikki, the sequel. It, too, ends in a cliffhanger, but a much stronger one. There is less random partying and kissing strangers, and it's a better book. I wouldn't give up just yet!