About The Book:
Written by Laurie Halse Anderson Published Year 2005
Ashley couldn't care less about the prom - but when disaster strikes and she finds herself drawn in to organising it, she discovers a little about getting things done and as well as rather a lot about herself. Everyone's excited about the prom except Ashley, who couldn't care less. She's too busy worrying about her crazy family and TJ, her flaky boyfriend, who wants them to move in together after graduation but just doesn't seem to around when she needs him. But when disaster strikes the prom committee, somehow Ashley gets roped into helping save the evening. And she finds herself learning quite a lot about organising a prom - as well as learning little more about herself.

I find it really funny which is weird because I don't think it was suppose to be. It might be because I'm in a good mood today and I got away on reading this at work. I've read alot of reviews from people disappointed with this book 'cause it's not on par of Anderson's other books personally though I loved Prom because of it's simplicity, it's not overly dramatic, well maybe it was but they played it funny and silly. The narrator Ashley is a self proclaimed normal (lower middle class) kid. In the book the environment/school was portrayed abit rough or violent even. Nothing really bad happens though Ashley always get into trouble at school for being such a slacker. Even it is abit shallow it was still written very well and I loved Grandma Shulmensky's character because of her spontaneity, it would not have worked out well if not for her.