Parnassus on Wheels

About The Book:
Written by Christopher Morley Published Year 1917
Helen McGill is contended on keeping house for her brother in their England farm. But the arriveal of quirky 'professor' Mr. Roger Mifflin gave her a chance to travel with a book mobile in tow.

"When you sell a man abook you don't sell him just twelve ounces of paper and ink and glu— you sell him a whole new life. Life and friendship and humour and sheeps at sea night— there's all heaven and earth in a book, a real book I mean. Jiminy! If I were the baker or the butcher or the broom huckster, people would run to the gate when I came by— just waiting for my stuff. And here I go loaded with everlasting salvation—yes, ma'am, salvation for their little, stunted minds—and it's hard to make 'em see it. That's what makes it worth while— I'm doing something that nobody else from Nazareth, Maine, to Walla Walla, Washington, has ever thought of. It's a new field, but by the bones of Whitman it's worth while. That's what this country needs— more books!"
I've read because it a prequel to The Haunted Bookshop which I'll be reading one of these days. As a book lover I love reading about other people's obsession over books. I like that I can relate to alot of their sentiments and romantic notions. I love to read about the characters favorite books and use them as reference. Parnassus on Wheels is a very short lovely read.


Sandra said...

This sounds good. I love books about books and readin, it will fit into the Bibliophilic Books Challenge that I'm doing. Thanks for reviewing an oldie but goodie.

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in reading The Haunted Bookshop. I hope I get to soon.

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