Head in the clouds

What was I thinking? I thought it was going to be easy to put up reviews for every book I read. It is not easy alot of times I don't have anything to say about the them and often I don't even like them. I can't remember where I've read this quote; "I read what I like but I don't alwys like what I read." and thinking how true it is. I also have a dilemma when I ended up hating not liking the book because I think it's better to just shut up when I don't have anything good to say and what about reading a book one at a time? I simply canno't do it so I'm back to my old habit.

I was't able to do much this weekend because I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with my phone, everytime I upload photos it comes up distorded. This one is much better but still something's not right with it.

posted by Kaye at November 2, 2009